Print 4 was founded in 1973 in Milan it is an Italian company which is specialized in the production of "textile wallcoverings".

Print 4 unites the prestigious Italian design together with it's high tech futuristic production facilities so that it can create highly exclusive articles in the textile wallcovering market.

Print 4's philosophy has not changed in the years. The constant desire and wish to improve the quality of it's products and the desire to offer a complete fast and efficient service has enabled us to be placed among the upper echelon of the textile wallcovering producers.

The strength of Print 4 is in it's production capabilities. All the production phases: weaving , bonding, trimming, quality control including packaging and shipment are all carried out in our factory. This allows us to guarantee the "MADE IN ITALY" feature of our products.

Our Design workshop together with our Technical office are at our customers complete service so as to satisfy their needs and requirements on each single project ,so as to guarantee the highest level of quality and elegance.