Print4 Wallcoverings is a company established in 1973. The founder Mr. Besana Angelino, has always been in the textile (wallcoverings – curtains – interior decoration) sector and his experience and resourcefulness have led him to open his own business.

Over the years, Print4 Wallcoverings has always kept up with new technologies and trends, renewing its production lines, making them more precise and efficient.

The company's philosophy; the quality of the raw materials, a precise and fast service and a good relationship with its customers, are fixed points that have allowed us to grow year by year, consolidating historical customers and acquiring new ones.

Print4 Wallcoverings is a complete company, from the yarn to the finished product, everything is done in our factory situated in Italy.

Our departments are divided into:
- Jacquard textile looms line
- lamination line
- coating line
- quality check line
- cutting and packing line
- digital printing line
- creativity & technical studio

People who work in our company are experts in Textile and all of them had specific training in the field of Wallcovering.

Textile department is made up of 7 latest generation jacquard looms that guarantee precision and efficiency.
We have about 20 different warp colors in stock.

Fabric lamination department is made up of a made-to-measure machine, capable of gluing many materials with different compositions and thicknesses on nonwoven.

Coating line, is a special line able to coating all types of textile. We are able to coating with colored glue, transparent glue, flame retardant glue, glue mixed with metallic powder.
we can also make water-repellent / oil repellent treatment and antibacterial treatment.

Quality line is composed by a machine that thanks to the lights and inclinations of the worktop, allows us to carefully examine the materials before they are shipped.

Cutting and packaging department is composed of two cutting machines with laser sensors and multiple brake, tension and speed settings which allows us to cut our wallcoverings with great precision.

Digital department is made up of two latest generation HP latex technology machines.
We are able to print on different types of textile wallcovering, both made by us and textile wallcovering from our customers.
We have no limits to imagination and colors, we can create custom projects on request with 100% customization.

Creativity & Technical studio is our brain where new product ideas come from. The use of colors, the choice of materials and their combination to create harmonious, elegant and refined items.

Our products are intended for a global market.
From Europe, America, Asia to the Arab Emirates, we have partners with whom we have excellent collaborations.
Every continent and every nation has dedicated designs and colors, many of our customers in collaboration with our staff, create specific textile wallcovering collections for a well-targeted market.

Raw materials we use are the best that can be found on the market which, combined with the made in Italy textile work, guarantees a high level of product.

what also characterizes our company, is a fast and effective service to which our customers are accustomed. in the presence of goods in stock at our warehouses, the shipment takes place within 12h from the order, in the case of goods to be produced, the timing is estimated between 7 and 15 days.

Within our company we have a production department for roller blinds and vertical blinds such as: shantung and other patterns.

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